At Ankura Dental Hospital, we have found that dental implants enhance the quality of teeth life in our patients. Dental implants improve patients’ overall oral health while building confidence in patients with a wonderful smile that feels natural and good.

Dental Implants have many benefits over other procedures, few of them are listed below.

  • Preserve the health of adjacent teeth, since there is no need for bridgework
  • Maintain the integrity of bone structure after tooth loss
  • Distribute bite forces evenly throughout the mouth
  • Replace loose-fitting dentures
  • Feel and functions like a natural teeth
  • Improve speaking ability
  • Improve facial expressions and smile

Let’s first understand what are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are anchors made of a biocompatible metal known as titanium, which is placed in the actual jawbone. Titanium does not decay and hence does not need root canal therapy. The Dental Implants become embedded in the jaw bone as the bone builds around them over a period of time. Abutment posts a screw like structure are inserted into the bone and the replacement teeth are permanently attached to the posts, after that a porcelain crown is placed over the top providing the patients with natural looking teeth.

At Ankura Dental Clinic dental implant restorations have three main parts:

  • Bone-integrated implant (Titanium)
  • Implant Support
  • Restoration of crown

Dental Implant Brands that We Use at Ankura Dental Hospital

There are hundreds of companies that produce Dental Implants, and all have their unique specifications. In Ankura Dental Hospital, we have shortlisted few dental implant systems that have a successful track record. Noble Bio Care, Alpha dent to name few.

Dental Implant Placement Process?

Initial Planning stage: Planning is the essential part of any process. An intelligently thought-out treatment plan is crafted after the initial assessment of the patient. Sometimes we may require x-ray and specialized imaging to visualize the bone condition and 3D View to ensure proper placement of the Implant.

Placement: Our Dentist at Ankura Dental Clinic specialized in dental implants procedure will place the dental implant in the ideal spot to form the gum tissue around the implant.

Healing: The jaw bone around the implant will grow and assimilate with the new dental implant in few weeks.

Abutment (It’s a screw) placement:  After healing is completed; the abutment is placed to connect the implant and the crown.

Porcelain crown: The crown is fabricated by our ceramist. The new porcelain crown is made with exact specifications; we bond the crown to the abutment.

Who can Get Dental Implants in Hyderabad?

Any person with a missing tooth can get a Dental Implants. Age is not the matter, having said that it is not advisable during early teeth years as facial bones are still forming at that age.

Dental Implants can be placed immediately after the tooth extractions or 3-4 months after that. However, at Ankura Dental Hospital we have placed dental implants in Hyderabad years after the tooth loss. It all depends on the adequate amount of jaw bone around the placed dental implants.


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