In Our Previous post, we have discussed about the Dental Implants, Placement process and who can get dental implants.

In this post, we will discuss the further details with reference to dental implants

Getting Dental Implants in our Dental clinic in Kukatpally is virtually painless. The technology and science related to Dental Implantology have evolved rapidly from its initial days. The practice is now a predictable procedure. The Implant dentistry has started 25 years ago but in the last decade, it has been perfected.

Ankura Dental Clinic has achieved 100 % success rate in Implants placements. In Very rare cases an Implant procedure might be a failure but the issues can be resolved with a new implant. The most important benefit of a dental implant is that it functions, feel and look just like a natural teeth. Our patients say that they cannot even remember where the dental implants has been placed in their mouth.

Do Implants Need to Be Replaced in future?

At Ankura Dental Clinic, our Dental Implantologist t have successfully placed more than 1000 dental implants spread over a decade’s time. In this time period we have never encountered the need to remove or replace a Dental Implant with a new one.

At Ankura Dental We believe that proper planning is crucial to ensuring success. We take careful steps to ensure the proper distribution in such a way that implant or teeth are not forced in the wrong direction or compromised by having excessive force applied to them.

Dental Implants – Do they require special care?

Caution is needed even when you are healthy, “precaution is better the cure” remember that. With Dental implants there is no special care required after the bone is completely healed, After the dental implants are successfully restored, it is advisable to avoid biting hard substance in the beginning.

For the first two weeks a soft diet is advised, after that you can slowly introduce hard substance in your meal. Once you go through the process, you will be able to enjoy all the variety of food.

We get this question a lot from our patients. How to clean Dental Implants?

There is no special way to clean dental implants, you just need to brush and floss twice a day like you would do to your natural teeth.

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