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Periodontitis and Its Treatments

In our earlier post this month, we have discussed basics about Periodontitis, how to identify the disease, Major causes of Periodontitis and how it can be prevented. Follow the links to go through earlier blogs. Introduction to Periodontal Disease Periodontitis… Continue Reading →

Periodontitis Causes & Prevention

In our previous post, we have discussed Periodontitis and how to identify it. In this post, we are going to discuss the major causes of Periodontitis and how to prevent it. What Causes Periodontitis? A human mouth is a residential… Continue Reading →

Introduction to Periodontal Disease

  Everything you need to know about Periodontitis, Periodontal Disease, Gingivitis and its causes, Risk Factors, Treatments in a three-part series Part 1: What is periodontitis and how to identify it in early stages? Part 2: Causes and prevention of… Continue Reading →

Dental Treatment in Kids – The Use of General anesthesia? (Kids Dental Care )

  General anesthesia (GA) may be required to manage kids during a dental procedure or elder ones who are nervous during the dental treatments. Kids dental care is very crucial as it may lead to sever issues in the future. What… Continue Reading →

What your tongue says about your health and How to clean it?

Do you know though you are brushing twice a day, your mouth is still not cleansed if you leave out cleaning your tongue? Tongue is one of the most important parts of our mouth. It helps us taste, talk and… Continue Reading →

Did you know that high blood sugar levels can also cause oral health problems?

Before we get into the discussion about “How Diabetes can affect your Oral Healthcare?” let’s learn about Diabetes and its effects on human body What is Diabetes? Diabetes is very common these days which causes a hormonal problem that if… Continue Reading →

Early Childhood Dental Issues and Ways To Prevent Them

Parents are surprised to learn that, a child is ready for her first dentist visit when she’s a year old, or when she has her first baby tooth. Lack of dental care or proper hygiene for your child can result… Continue Reading →

Why You Should Not Neglect Milk Teeth In Children

Primary teeth also known as milk teeth are the most neglected teeth in a child. Parents often overlook them as they think that they get replaced, but the defects in primary teeth can be carried into permanent and also affect… Continue Reading →

Sensitive Teeth Treatments

Having sensitive teeth can make having hot and cold beverages a painful experience. When teeth get in contact with such substances it causes a lot of pain. It makes people avoid such food. Here we are going to discuss What… Continue Reading →

Case Study: Complete Denture

Patient Name: Raja. Treatments Done: Complete Denture. Doctor Name: Dr. Naveen Kumar .R. Patient named raja aged 50 years male has visited our clinic with a chief complaint of loss of teeth in upper and lower jaw. Patient was advised… Continue Reading →

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