Plenty of people retaliate the idea of frequent periodical visits to the dentist. Whether they are apprehensive of observing pain or they don’t like the noise of the dental drill, or they just don’t like being instructed, some people will more often than not allow several years pass by between visits to the dentist’s office. While this is a common practice experienced by dentist in our country, it is not fairly recommended.

Ankura dental hospital which is one of the best dental hospital in Hyderabad encompassing all streams of dental specialities like root canal specialist, implantologist, orthodontist, crown bridge and denture specialist, child dental specialist, Gums specialist and oral dental surgeons, we emphasise the importance of routine dental examination.

At Ankura dental hospital we understand your emotions and concerns towards your dental needs and hence we constantly strive to provide you the best dental care available through our routine well organised periodic recall programmes.

The American Dental Association strongly recommends that you visit your dentist once every 6 months. There has to be a strong evidence based reason for this recommendation.

At Ankura dental clinic which offers the best dental treatments in Hyderabad, we conduct various Patient Awareness Programmes (PAP) for variety of common dental conditions in school or urban and rural based community camps, which primarily educate the importance of dental checkups in a right frame of time for a timely prevention of major dental diseases.

If you are one of those people who allows years to go by between dental visits, you could be putting yourself at risk of receiving some common dental problems and certain types of illness, like heart disease and upper respiratory tract infections, etc.

At Ankura dental clinic, our renowned team of best dental specialist in Hyderabad will reason out with you the critical benefits you can have to understand better why visiting the dentist on a regular interval is so much important:

Regular Dental Visits Help to Prevent Serious Medical Problems:

When you visit Ankura dental clinic for a routine checkup our vastly experienced and highly skilled dentists will carefully examine all areas of your mouth identifying any signs of trouble. This means they will check your gums and teeth for signs of any decay and illness. Our team of high profile dental specialist may also check on other associated areas of your body for signs of problems, including your neck, your head, your face, your throat, your saliva and how your jaw moves in order to rule out secondary conditions.

This comprehensive examinations allow the doctor to determine if you any dental needs to be addressed and thereby a well calculated and priority based treatment plan is established to provide you the best dental treatment. Our doctors work to develop a customized dental treatment plan, that incorporates dental consultation, examination, x-ray (digital), cleaning, and other diagnostic methods, and the suitable treatment for the case.

At Ankura dental clinic our team of best dental specialist will also help you determine if you are showing any signs of serious medical problems, such as oral cancers, vitamin deficiencies, diabetes or joint problems.

Regular Cleaning Prevents Tooth Decay

Once our team of best dentist has performed a detailed examination of your various oral parts, our dental hygienist will then perform a regular cleaning on your teeth. The purpose of a routine cleaning is to remove any tartar or plaque that tends to quickly build up on your teeth. Soft food debris can cause tooth decay and gum irritation. It can also harden on the teeth, which not only makes it more difficult to remove, but it also stains the teeth. Routine checkups (along with proper home care) are the best way to remove tartar and plaque build up to help prevent cavities and tooth decay. Your teeth will feel cleaner and look brighter after these impurities have been cleaned away. During the cleaning process our dental specialist will also look at any previous dental work you may have had done to make sure everything is still good and functional. For example, they may make sure that any fillings you have had completed previously are still intact and that no decay is visible.

Fixing Problems

Your periodical six month recall appointments  will help our team of top dental specialist determine if you have any problems that need to be fixed. They may take x-rays, check your bite, examine your gums or use certain dental devices to see around and under your teeth. If they find anything, such as cavity or damage root that needs repair, they can then schedule an appointment to repair the damage.

In addition to the advanced specialty dental services we also have modern diagnostic technology that enables us to provide you the best preventative dental care by detecting oral problems at the earliest stage possible.

It must be highlighted that dental specialist at Ankura dental clinic which is one of the best dental clinics in Kukatpally, Hyderabad, are trained and qualified to assess any syndromes and medical conditions that can be associated with your dental problems. Hence at Ankura dental hospital, a comprehensive diagnostic assessment by our team of dentist must be done. We are one of the famous dental clinics which has an in-house paediatric and neonatology services to provide the necessary multidisciplinary approach to your children also.

What to do between visits

Routine dental exams and cleanings help to identify problems before they become progressive and irreversible. These regular organised dental visits are also important for repairing any existing damage to your mouth, teeth and gums, which could have long running effects on the rest of your general health being. While our dentist can remove a lot of tartar and plaque during a regular cleaning, you will still have to perform daily maintenance on your own effectively and adequately. This means using proper brushing and flossing techniques and following any guidelines provided by your specific dentist. Routine dental checkups and proper daily care will help keep your teeth and mouth clean, fresh and disease free.

At Ankura dental clinic we lay utmost importance in reinforcing our patients with oral hygiene maintenance measures. These are done in form of providing instruction leaflets, social media posts, reminders and reviews.

It must be highlighted, our core sentiments makes us strongly favour prevention over elaborate skill demanding cures!

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