A for Apple

An apple a day keeps the Doctor away, but not the dentist. Fruit is the best snack option and a healthier one, but do remember to rinse your mouth after having one including apple because the remains are the strong protein diet for the plaque hiding in your teeth

B for Bravery

You don’t have to be brave; the team at Ankura Dental is very humble & polite

C for Confidence

Smile with confidence. If you are hesitant to smile then have a word with our team, we will help you achieve confidence with your smile

D for Dentist

What else can we think of

E for Exodontics   

The Process of extracting a teeth. If you don’t EAT right amount of calcium

F for Floss

Twice Daily

G for Gums

The gums are part of the soft tissue lining of the mouth. They house the teeth and provide a base seal around them

H for Hygienist

Oral Hygiene is as important as any other daily routine, we have two in-house Hygienist. Book an appointment with them to ensure your mouth is healthy.

I for Invisible

Like our braces.  We have multiple types to choose from depending on your oral requirement.

J for Juice

Too much sugary juices to bad specially for children, swap it with water or fresh juices

K for Kiss

Another reason to look after your oral health. You don’t want to embarrassed

L for Laugh

Does laughing makes you little embarrassed? We love the fact that you love to laugh and we will make sure you don’t get embarrasses while laughing

M for Mouthwash

Do it the right way, it continues don not rinse your mouth with water after using water because it works after you spit it out, so by rinsing with water you dilute the cleaning and strengthening benefits.

N for Nightguard

A Plastic device to cover all the upper or lower teeth. It usually used to prevent teeth grinding during the night.

O is for Orthodontics

One of our specializations. We have a whole range of treatments. If you are in a dilemma to choose which one is right for book an appointment with our dentist.

P is for Plaque

It’s a form of Bacteria resides over the teeth. Let’s brush it away.

Q is for Quick

As we offer Smile Faster treatment with 3D diagnostic imaging and smart wires.

R is for Round

The path your brush needs to follow

S is for Smile

As much as you can, we provide super oral care – for a sparkling smile of which you can be proud.

T is for Toothbrush

Twice daily

U is for Unguarded

Are you into sports?  Play it yourself not with your teeth.

V is for Veneers

The simplest way to fix a smile.

W is for Wisdom Teeth

Do you know why it’s known as wisdom teeth? Because it erupts when you are wise enough

X is for X-Ray

We are old school, sometimes we prefer 3D diagnostics imaging

Y is for You

It’s all that’s missing from the picture, please do drop in.

Z is for Zing

Though we’ve zoomed through this list, we do love the zing of a freshly brushed mouth.  Don’t you?



Dr Andaleeb Zaidi

Ankura DentalBest Dental Clinic in Hyderabad