Once you have made the decision to go through the dental implants treatments, you have to ensure that you have no complications post-treatment. The dental implants will heal but the time it will take to heal will depend on the number of factors such as: How many implants you have received; it’s a single tooth or multiple teeth.

Once you have undergone the dental implant treatment, the dental implant needs to heal itself with the neighboring jawbone. The time taken can be 4-6 months approximately, varying from mouth to mouth. Immediately after the dental implant surgery is done, your risk of complications and infection is high. To avoid those risk factors you have to follow the instructions given by the dentist.

We have listed few helpful tips to consider in the initial few weeks after receiving the dental implants

Medication: It may seem the most common thing, but make sure you take the right medication at the right time as this will make a huge difference to the recovery of infections if any.

Bleeding: Try to prevent bleeding, by applying pressure to it as soon as you notice it. If bleeding doesn’t stop apply cold best is ice pack on the surrounding jawbone area. If bleeding continues for a day or is occurring at regular intervals then its best to contact your dentist.

Swelling: You have to reduce swelling by applying ice cubes around the jawbone every 3-4 hours; it will reduce swelling and improve the recovery dramatically by reducing the swelling.

Nutrition: After Dental Implants you won’t be able to follow your regular eating habits, but having said that you need to get a proper meal to balance the nutritional value. It might sound awesome to just sit and eat ice creams and custard for weeks but you will miss out the essential vitamins and required minerals from these foods. You also need to concentrate on nutritional food to keep your immune system strong, if you fall sick or feel weak then it will affect the dental implant as well. Fruit juices, Vegetable soups, salads, and omelets are good options to keep yourself up and running.

Mouthwash: Salt water is the best mouthwash, rinsing your mouth with salt water couple of times a day will really help you to avoid any kind of infections. Take your dentist advised because he warns you if you have some kind of allergies. You can follow this practice from the second day of dental implants surgery.

Smoking: “Smoking is injurious to health“ that’s for a common person, after dental implants you need to avoid every possible way that can cause infection and smoking can create lots of hurdles in the healing process. Smoking will damage the gum around the dental implant thus increasing the risk of infection.

Drink water: Making sure you drink enough water and stay properly hydrated it will help the tissues to heal rapidly, with less complication.

Rest: You need to recover from the surgery, hence you need to take rest, if you lift heavy loads at the gym then this is the time to avoid such excessive workload. You can get back to the job after the procedure, it is advised to take a couple of days off from work sit back and relax.

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