Tips on how to avoid bad breath in the Morning

Do you love waking up to a smell of coffee or tea? Think again before reaching to your cup. Your ignorant habits might be the main cause of your day long bad breath, and this can be avoided by developing simple habits. Halitosis or bad breathe doesn’t have to spoil your important meetings, tweak the problem by adopting these simple daily routines. In this post we will discuss few steps on how to avoid bad breathe in the early morning.

Avoid Coffee or Tea in the morning

Coffee is not the only drink that can cause Halitosis or bad breath. Early morning teas and other drinks contain caffeine, which can prevent the production of saliva which in turn leaves your mouth dry. Thus allowing oral bacteria to flourish in your mouth. This is the main cause of Halitosis. To start your day with a pleasant breath, have a refreshing citrus juice or a smoothie –infused with water. Or start a day with a glass of water or two, if you are addicted to coffee or caffeinated beverages; make sure that you have multiple glasses of water to subsidize the effect

Brush and floss properly

This might sound childish, as we all brush and floss but are you doing it properly. You might be running late to work but if rush your morning dental routine, then you are paving the way not only to bad breath but multiple dental problems.  If standard brushing and flossing are not helping then get a deeper cleaning by using a tongue cleaner and gargling with a mouthwash. If you see yourself rushing to work and unable concentrate on dental hygiene then carry a small dental kit in your bag or a setup in your office for convenience.

Never Skip Breakfast

Skip coffee or tea but not breakfast. After a long nights sleep, your mouth will be dry it could use a boost in saliva production and a healthy nutritious meal is a perfect way to do it. Choose food with high water content and crunchiness such as apple, it helps in cutting down on odor-causing bacteria. Curd and eggs also promote saliva production while giving you a healthy dose of vitamin D and calcium. Be selective in your breakfast meal as few ingredients like garlic and onions are not done breath friendly.

Quit Smoking

We don’t have to discuss the risks of smoking. Besides lung cancer, smoking cigarettes and other Tabaco products can stain your teeth and cause halitosis or bad breathe, dealing with your oral health becomes double whacky. If you feel the urge of smoking in the early morning then distract yourself by going for a quick walk or doing light chores. Smoking habits will cause more chronic problems including bad breathe and other oral issues, so quitting smoking is an only permanent solution.

Hygienic sleeping habits

Bad breathe is noticeable the movement you wake up.  The problem may not be how you brush and floss or what you eat or drink. I can be how you breathe while sleeping. Breathing orally during the night can turn your mouth into a refuge for bacteria resulting in an unpleasant odor. Depending on the severity of situations, you dentists may recommend surgery or other treatments.

Let Your Dentist Have a Look

Despite multiple steps and precautions if bad breath still persists then there might be more severe problems from tooth infections and cavities. Play safe visits your dentist. Your dentist will help you determine and treat the root cause more efficiently. For appointments at Ankura Dental clinic click here or call +91-9912849515


Dr Andaleeb Zaidi

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