Infant Teeth

Early Childhood Dental Issues and Ways To Prevent Them

Parents are surprised to learn that, a child is ready for her first dentist visit when she’s a year old, or when she has her first baby tooth. Lack of dental care or proper hygiene for your child can result… Continue Reading →

Why You Should Not Neglect Milk Teeth In Children

Primary teeth also known as milk teeth are the most neglected teeth in a child. Parents often overlook them as they think that they get replaced, but the defects in primary teeth can be carried into permanent and also affect… Continue Reading →

Best Dental Clinic in Hyderabad

Ankura dental clinic have been established with a vision to develop dentistry as a comprehensive and reliable stream that gives patients the Care & Cure that they deserve to change their lives for the better. Our motto is always to… Continue Reading →

Thumb Sucking in Children – An Insight on The Consequences

A ‘Oral Habit’ is defined as any repetitive behaviour pattern which utilises the oral cavity and its supporting structures. At Ankura Dental hospital which is one of the best dental hospital in Hyderabad, our dental specialist in the field of… Continue Reading →

Ankura Dental Clinic – Providing Finesse Oral Care by The Finest

Ankura Dental Clinics is the finest and most renowned chain of Dental Clinic in Hyderabad – Telangana, designed for patients who seek specialized, quality dental treatment on par with International standards. The Ankura Dental Hospital is well designed and integrated… Continue Reading →

Management of Infant Teeth

What is Natal Tooth? Any tooth or tooth resembling structure present in oral cavity at time of birth in infants is termed as Natal tooth. What is Neo-natal Tooth? Any tooth or tooth resembling structure present in oral cavity within… Continue Reading →

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