Why You Should Not Neglect Milk Teeth In Children

Primary teeth also known as milk teeth are the most neglected teeth in a child. Parents often overlook them as they think that they get replaced, but the defects in primary teeth can be carried into permanent and also affect… Continue Reading →

Sensitive Teeth and Its Treatments

Having sensitive teeth can make having hot and cold beverages a painful experience. When teeth get in contact with such substances it causes a lot of pain. It makes people avoid such food. What causes sensitive teeth? There can be… Continue Reading →

Case Study: Complete Denture

Patient Name: Raja. Treatments Done: Complete Denture. Doctor Name: Dr. Naveen Kumar .R. Patient named raja aged 50 years male has visited our clinic with a chief complaint of loss of teeth in upper and lower jaw. Patient was advised… Continue Reading →

Flap Surgery – Symptoms, Preparation& Treatment

What Is Flap Surgery? Gingival flap surgery is a type of gum procedure. The gums are separated from the teeth and folded back temporarily. This allows a dentist to reach the root of the tooth and the bone. Gum disease is… Continue Reading →

Mouth Ulcers: Symptoms Causes and Treatment

Introduction: Mouth ulcers(mouth sores) are painful, round ulcers that develop on the linings of the cheeks and lips, the tongue or the gums. Ulcers also can be associated with other diseases, which cause symptoms on the eyes and genitals as… Continue Reading →

Case Study: The New Set of Teeth to The Patient

atient Name: Surya Prabavathi. Treatment Done: Complete Denture. Doctor Name: Dr. Naveen Kumar. R The patient named Surya Prabavathi aged 60 years female has visited our clinic with a chief complaint of loss of teeth in upper and lower jaw…. Continue Reading →

Best Dental Clinic in Hyderabad

Ankura dental clinic have been established with a vision to develop dentistry as a comprehensive and reliable stream that gives patients the Care & Cure that they deserve to change their lives for the better. Our motto is always to… Continue Reading →

Dental Instrument Sterilization

Introduction: In a day to day life busy dental practitioners face a serious challenge: to maintain or increase productivity while ensuring that patient safety remains the top most priority. At times, these may seem like incompatible goals. Advances in dental… Continue Reading →

Act Smart and Wise – Get Your Troublesome Wisdom Teeth Removed

Don’t Think Twice. Reasons are here… Wisdom teeth are scientifically called third molars, the third set of molars that most people get in their late teens or early twenties. Mostly they are misaligned and require removal. They may position themselves… Continue Reading →

The New Mantra to Chant Comprehensive Dental Implant

Dentistry has evolved tremendously over the past few decades. Developed in the 1950’s, Implants are now the most prevalent and cutting edge technology that caters to various patient needs in the recent days. In the recent past, Implants had been… Continue Reading →

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