How expensive is your visit to the dental clinic?

Say it or not, this one questions where both dentist & patients struggle to answer. Let’s agree to the fact that no individual wants to lose his teeth and everyone single one of us wants to avoid a toothache. It’s… Continue Reading →

Yoga for Dental Health

Does Yoga Has an Impact on your Oral Health? Is your oral health limited to Brushing & Flossing? What if I told you that there is more than just brushing and flossing? Do you understand how interconnected each part of… Continue Reading →

The A to Z of Dental Care

A for Apple An apple a day keeps the Doctor away, but not the dentist. Fruit is the best snack option and a healthier one, but do remember to rinse your mouth after having one including apple because the remains… Continue Reading →

How to Care for Sensitive Gums

How to Care for Sensitive Gums One of the most common causes of sensitive teeth is gingivitis. Sensitivity, irritated or swollen gums are the mild form of periodontal disease.  Gingivitis is the basic form of periodontal disease. It occurs because… Continue Reading →

Tips on how to avoid bad breath in the Morning

  Tips on how to avoid bad breath in the Morning Do you love waking up to a smell of coffee or tea? Think again before reaching to your cup. Your ignorant habits might be the main cause of your… Continue Reading →

8 Tips to Get Celebrity Smile

  Everyone loves Deepika’s smile, don’t they? Here are few home remedial teeth whitening tips to get a smile like her. Start With a Banana Peel: Banana is more than just a healthy snack, banana peel has a natural teeth… Continue Reading →

Tips for Post Dental Implant Treatment

  Once you have made the decision to go through the dental implants treatments, you have to ensure that you have no complications post-treatment. The dental implants will heal but the time it will take to heal will depend on… Continue Reading →

Dental Implants Continued

  In Our Previous post, we have discussed about the Dental Implants, Placement process and who can get dental implants. In this post, we will discuss the further details with reference to dental implants Getting Dental Implants in our Dental… Continue Reading →

Best Dental Implants In Hyderabad

At Ankura Dental Hospital, we have found that dental implants enhance the quality of teeth life in our patients. Dental implants improve patients’ overall oral health while building confidence in patients with a wonderful smile that feels natural and good…. Continue Reading →

Periodontitis and Its Treatments

In our earlier post this month, we have discussed basics about Periodontitis, how to identify the disease, Major causes of Periodontitis and how it can be prevented. Follow the links to go through earlier blogs. Introduction to Periodontal Disease Periodontitis… Continue Reading →

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