Say it or not, this one questions where both dentist & patients struggle to answer.

Let’s agree to the fact that no individual wants to lose his teeth and everyone single one of us wants to avoid a toothache. It’s a fact a healthy mouth is an indication to overall health and well-being of any individual.

How do you make sure that all your teeth are healthy and you don’t suffer from any a toothache? Simple, you take good care of them. While taking good care of your teeth, one should not restrict to brushing and flossing only but should also make sure that your gums are free from driving towards a destructive path, which may be hidden between your teeth and gums without causing any symptoms.

Our survival depends on Intake of food which is vital, and our teeth and gums have to play an important role, and hence they are incredibly resilient and adaptive organs. Teeth and gums can withstand a lot of pain and destruction before any symptoms like pain and swelling can be felt. What does this mean? It means pain can be there for a very very long time before it comes to your notice.

Only professional dentists will be able to detect any hidden and destructive process in their initial stages and guide you to respective treatment procedure. The dentists will also advise you on medication and other preventive methods to deal with the problem. This is what we call conservative dentistry or preventive dentistry. The preventive dentistry includes cleaning for every 6 months to prevent any minor inflammation, detect any dental decay if any found and placing fillings minimally if necessary. Which lasts longer and stops the decay to progress further and cause damage to the complete tooth?

If the destructive plaque is allowed to progress, the treatment will focus on more extensive methods of restoring the teeth. These methods will be more time consuming and will use sophisticated materials to repair the damage. It is important to note that the natural tooth is irreplaceable; the artificial tooth cannot mimic 100% behavior of a natural tooth but have said that the artificial tooth will perform all the duties of a natural tooth and look just like the same; this is where all the innovations and advancements in dental files are poured into.

Coming back to the question:

How expensive is your visit to the Dental Clinic?

To be honest, it depends. The answer is quite logical the more intense the damage, the costlier it becomes to treat. The treatment cost depends on lots of things including the material used, technology, method and to get the most natural appearance.

Our Dentists at Ankura Dental Clinic will walk you through the complete procedure before the actual treatments.

How not to spend too much on dentist?

  • Visit Dentist twice a year
  • Focus on preventive methods as the saying goes “prevention is better than the cure.”
  • Stick to basics, brush floss twice a day
  • Do not ignore bleeding gums
  • Eat healthy diet
  • Use straw for coke and other beverages to avoid stains
  • Use mouthwash


Dr Andaleeb Zaidi

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